Different Types of Carpet Materials

When you’re planning on buying carpet its material is one of the most major factors in order for it to stay long and comfortable at the same time around. There are types of materials that are used in order to make a carpet those materials are raw materials that are used and today we are going to learn those materials. In this article we’ll tackle different types of materials used in a carpet that is majorly used by most of the carpet company in that world like carpet cleaning Escondido. Whatever what kind of carpet you will be using, it needs cleaning for it to be safe for you and your family at all the time of the days.

Two of the major materials are known for its ability to resist dirt and is also very popular in the carpet community but both of them has weaknesses too. The Olefin material’s a polypropylene compound that was used outdoors but is used in indoor for its ability to have a wool-like texture, it’s strong but is bad at resisting sunrays. The Wool carpet material has woven fibers that can resist dirt and does quite well at resisting stains but because of that it is quite expensive than normal carpet materials. So, if you are looking for a carpet material that’s durable and stain resistance then look for wools but you can go to an Olefin for a durable material too.

On the other hand, Triexta and Nylon have been very known in the carpet industry for its distinct characteristic and still are going, it is used by many homes and environments. The Triexta carpet material is very good at being durable and is great on homes with kids and pets but the material is also very expensive compared to other materials. The Nylon carpet material is known for its ability to resist soil and stay intact for many years but it is also known for its ability to produce static electricity. So, if you’re looking for a strong yet expensive carpet material then Triexta is for here, if you’re looking for a carpet material on resist soil then Nylon is here.

Another type of materials has been known for its ability to resist different types of stain quite well and its distinct characteristic compare to the other carpet materials. The polyester carpet material is a synthetic material that can resist moisture and stain and is easy to clean but it needs a proper maintenance for is to live properly. The acrylic carpet material has a wool-like body but unlike the nylon it resists static electricity and the color can’t be easily fade like the different kinds of carpet material. So, if you’re looking for a wool-like material that can resist electricity then polyester is here, but if you’re looking for a good resistance of stain then polyester for you.

Always remember to pick the right material for you to not be wasting your time and your money.

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