Tips to Choose the Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

Read this article to know more about the most helpful tips you can use to select the best paint colors for your kitchen cabinets. After reading this, you may look for a reputable service of?cabinet painting or even a general home painters today: 

Are you selling? 

At times, it may be impossible to determine how long you will reside in your house. However, if you plan to sell your house in the future, it would be best if you go for using neutral colors so that your house will attract a wider audience. 

Think about the kitchen size 

Do you plan to have a small or?big kitchen? Is it lit properly? Knowing the answers to such questions is essential since your cabinet colors can either oppress or enhance in your kitchen. An under-lit or small kitchen can take advantage of lighter-colored kitchen cabinets. On the other hand, dark cabinets would work well in a well-lit and bigger space.? 

Multiple Colors 

If you’re feeling playful or bold, using two colors for your kitchen cabinet can be impactful and fun. If you like to play it safe, you may opt for one bold color and pair it with a neutral color for your cabinets. Moreover, this works well if you sparingly use a bold color. For a fun yet not an overwhelming punch of color, try to paint just your kitchen island cabinetry.? 

Observe the cabinet’s style 

You can actually make it easier to decide on which cabinet paint color to use by using the design style of your cabinet as your guide. When you own a traditional kitchen, then classic colors like whites and creams will look amazing nearly all the time. Subdued creams and bright whites also work well with cabinets.? 

Meanwhile, you can feel free to significantly expand your palette if you have modern kitchens. Most of the time, bright colors and contrasting tones work great with modern designs. If you love the colors yellow, green, or red, you can also use these for your modern kitchen.? 

Create Contrast 

As you opt for the best color for your kitchen cabinet, taking advantage of contrasts can work well. If your black cabinets will be paired with a light kitchen design, the contrast you can make will be beautiful. Dark brown or gray kitchen cabinets would also look best if you consider contrasting them with a light kitchen design.? 

Consider stain 

Some people tremble thinking about painting over the wood’s beauty on their kitchen cabinet. When you want to maintain such beauty and still want to incorporate a few colors in your kitchen area, think about staining the wood using the color you prefer.? 

Multiple Shades, One color 

If you find bold colors too much and neutral colors too boring, look for a compromise by utilizing two shades out of one color. For instance, you can use light shades of tan or gray on your lower cabinets while dark shades of similar colors are utilized on the upper cabinets or vice versa. This method can make things neutral but with an extra factor of visual interest. 


A Simple Yet Useful House Painting Guide

Even if you think that house painting is such a simple job, it still pays to know all you can about it so you can get the job more efficiently. You can obtain comprehensive information about house painting straight from the professionals who provide painting services Lafayette.

Painting Services Lafayette

If you really think about it, painting proves to be the quickest and most affordable way to improve the look of your home and possibly, redecorate it. Having access to some useful painting ideas, tips, and techniques will provide you with the best possible results.

How to Paint a House

Painting a house is easy if you hire professional painters to do the job. But if you’re curious enough to try how it’s done, then make it a DIY project, by all means. If you decide to go that route, be sure that you try to learn all about the things that professional painters know. Consult with them for anything.

You’ll learn how to paint a house by consulting with professional painters with many years of experience in the job. They should know what make a paint job go all wrong. By following their advice, you will get the results you want without going through that trial and error stage.

Why You Should Paint Your Home

If you want the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to improve the look of your home, then consider painting it from the inside out. Doing so will also add tremendous value to your house’s market price. A house that looks good is one that gets noticed immediately. If you do plan to sell it, then expect to have buyers waiting in line to view your property.

However, it is important that you use quality materials when painting homes. Quality materials, when combined with the proper techniques, produce the best results. You’ll have walls and surfaces that are clean, durable, and can be easily maintained.

When to Start a House Painting Project

If you’ll be painting your house yourself, then the best time to start the project is when you have adequate knowledge about the task. Learn all the painting techniques that you need to know, starting with the simplest ones. Other techniques tend to be more difficult and quite challenging to learn. You can save them for later. Some of the techniques that you have to learn are about staining and finishing the interior or exterior paint of your home.

It’s understandable if you get frustrated with your house painting project at the start. Nobody said that painting work is an easy one. It can actually be labor intensive, which is why it is best to hire the professionals to do the job for you.

How to Make the Paint Last

There are house painting jobs that don’t last a full year. After just a few months, some areas start to peel off. This is why you must learn the techniques that professional painters do to ensure that the paint job they did will last homeowners a long period of time. Aside from that, you should also learn interior and exterior painting ideas and clever tips that you can possibly apply yourself.